Sunday, October 28, 2007


here is some more new work from the last two firings.
square bowl

two small caseroles

drinking bowl

8" serving plate - thrown with cut rim

two more coverred mugs

and a fruit bowl/compote

the wood firing is on for next week with the loading beginning mid week. Michele and i are looking forward to a night under the stars feeding wood into the firebox.

Friday, October 26, 2007


it's been a while since i have posted images of new work. these pots come from the two most recent firings - in Sept. and just last Sat., Oct 20th.
first up is a drinking bowl. i've started refering to these pieces that way since watching a video of Pete Pinnell talking about cups. the glaze is a Binns rutile with some cobalt carb. and chrome oxide added. dusting with wood ash when the glaze is wet brings out the turquoise color. i'm always striving to introduce that color in my work.

if i have a signiture piece it is this covered mug. again, it is the Binns rutile glaze on white stoneware with temmoku inside and overlapping on the top part of the mug.

these are two small teapots. they are sitting on a 9" firebrick so you can get an idea of their small size. i made them to enter in a small teapot show. i think the title of the image should be
" T41x2 " tea for one x2 ...................

........... and an oval teapot. i made two of these - similar, but different proportions - also with the thought of entering them in a teapot show.

a pitcher with a glaze combination of sprayed blue ash glaze, covered with a dip in
my " wheat " glaze. with dots of orange in between. there is just a little copper in the wheat to give it the color and just a little wood ash as well. this pitcher is white stoneware and i find this combination works better on it than more iron bearing clay.

a 1.5 quart casserole. i've had this glaze for years and haven't known what to do with it. it is a fritted glaze that, originally, was teal. i took out the coloring oxides and added my own combination of cobalt and copper. the handle is dipped in Temmoku, as is the inside. and just a bit of wood ash dusted on the lid. on white stoneware. i'm happy with the way the glaze highlights the decoration which was done with a broken bit of seashell and some stamps i made just after trimming.

and a large 2 -4 quart casserole with the blue ash/wheat glaze.

.......... and another 2 - 3 quarter with my most popular glaze combination.
i have set up a PayPal account to handle online sales. please contact me if you are interested in any of these pieces.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

History Lesson

along the lines of the previous post ........ i'm often asked about the history of the potters wheel. where it originated and how long ago, etc.. my stock answer has been " well, it's considered the first machine ...... " and pretty much left it at that. mostly because i didn't have a better answer. Ceramics Today website has a wealth of information and i found this link recently about the history of the wheel

now i can add a little bit more to my answer and really be a geek/nerd. after the invention of the wheel i think the second greatest invention was electricity to make the thing go 'round. i still prefer a live flame over electricity to fire the pots though ........ and along those lines i'll be getting a firing in this weekend and will have images of new work to post. didn't get any pics taken after last months firing, so some of that work will be posted as well. this will be my last firing for the year. gonna close up the studio after the holidays and not heat the place. i'm sure i'll find plenty of stuff to talk about here over the winter.

adios amoebas ~

piggy bank

piggy bank

wood fired bowl

wood fired bowl

wood fired sake cups

wood fired sake cups

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