Tuesday, August 14, 2007


following is work from the two most recent firings.

porcelain cup

this piece and the next one were made for "DRINK IT IN " - a show that will be at the Worcester Craft Center in Worcester, Mass. this Fall. i have just begun to work with porcelain on a regular basis and while i don't really like throwing it the glazes look so good on it i make myself use it. i tend to work fairly small which helps

the following three pieces are teabowls made with white stoneware and glazed with a combination of sprayed slip, orange matt and sprayed blue wood ash glaze.

this next piece is a covered sauce pot and is made from porcelain and glazed with the same combination as the teabowls. it is lined with temmoku.

this is a serving plate that was thrown and the rim cut when leatherhard. it is 10" diam. and is glazed overall with a Shino type glaze, dusted with wood ash, dipped in orange matt, sprayed with blue wood ash and trailed with a wheat colored glaze and white.

the following two shots are a new glaze combination that i am very happy with and look good on functional ware. the pitcher is 9" ht. the spoon jar 10" and the covered mug 7"

and this last piece is a platter that is 16" diam. slip trailed with thick white slip when leatherhard, dipped in orange matt, sprayed with blue wood ash with more wood ash dusted on top.

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potters are a superstitious lot. there is so much that happens unseen during a firing that the idea of using a figure to watch over and bless the firing came into being long ago. some of us that fire " by the seat of our pants " still find the idea valid ......... and fun. those that fire with the aid of a computer program probobly find the idea quaint, and maybe silly. i have come to a feel for what is going on during a firing by observing the flame at the burner, the amount of backpressure that occurs when the spy hole is opened, the look of the exhaust from the chimney, etc.. you might say i need all the help i can get. i'm starting a collection of kilngods from every firing. they are quite small. the mexican looking fellow below is just several inches long.

and this cowboy - buddha is even smaller. he kept watch over the the firing before the most recent, and the mexican fellow the firing before that.

i fashion them just after bricking in the door of the kiln and they get glaze fired in the following firing. they have been good to me and i will post some images of the two most recent firings.

piggy bank

piggy bank

wood fired bowl

wood fired bowl

wood fired sake cups

wood fired sake cups

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