Friday, May 11, 2007

New Work

some new pots from a firing on April 21. the teabowls are small - about 4" in diameter. teabowls are "potter's pots". a favorite form we like to explore, born of the ancient tea ceremony/ritual. i'm not Asian and don't even drink Lipton very often but enjoy visiting this form regularly. it's a chance to "stretch out", in muscian's terms, and jam a little.

i've had numerous requests to make garlic keepers and have found them to be a popular item. they are 7" in height and retail for $35. just got a nifty hole cutter and used it on the latest batch that are in the bisque kiln right now.

the teapot has a spout that is "pulled" like a handle, cut in half, hollowed out and rejoined and attached to the pot. a lot of tedious work but it produces a gracefully curved spout. this is my first teapot with this kind of spout and i see doing many more like it.

all of these pots were sprayed with glaze. one can achieve subtle layering this way.

i'm well into another cycle of throwing and will be firing again in a month's time. it would be great to have a smaller kiln and be able to fire more often. mine is 60 cu. ft. and it takes a lot of pots to fill it.

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susan said...

hi john! nice to find you here... i had no idea you had a blog.
yes! those garlic keepers are lovely.. hope to have one soon.

Lee Love said...


You should try matcha powdered tea. It is nothing like lipton and is Japan's secret of long life and good health.

I have found that a cheap battery operated milk frother will do better than a bamboo whisk.

Lee in Mashiko, Japan

Greenjeans Adventure said...

Nice pix, John! I love that teapot. And the garlic keepers are sweet. Didn't realize you were blogging, either. Will have to add you to the blogroll on my blog!

We're having more and more requests for countertop compost containers which, though certainly not teabowls, would give you another reason to use your hole-maker... Maybe something to consider for next spring...?

Anonymous said...

Handsome stuff!! Looking forward to seeing you in a couple of weeks. Nancy Z

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