Tuesday, March 11, 2008



yesterday i received notification that i have had work accepted in two national level shows. the oval baker above was selected to be part of the 16th STRICTLY FUNCTIONAL POTTERY NATIONAL which will be on exhibit at the Wayne Art Center May 27 - June 27. http://www.wayneart.org/ the entire show will then be online at:

and this teapot will be part of INFUSION 10x10 at Craft Alliance Gallery in St.Louis May 2- May 22. http://www.craftalliance.org/


Melynn said...

Congratulations...your work is lovely!

Psiplex said...

Beautiful work! Congrats on being in a national and persevering through. Man, that's good stuff! I especially like the gorgeous earth tone layers you have in the P Clay Vase and Wood Fired Bowl. Cheers!

Docks-Pottery said...

Ciao,only a few days we have a blog of pottery. I live in Turin and my name is Filippo Di Giovanni. With a friend Raffaella, three years ago we have opened a studio were we work with ceramica.We have not yet shown around our creations.

I would be pleased your comments on our works. thanks

Anonymous said...

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